"Gossamer", Tyre Treasures' and Eco Artes Nepal collaborative product line. Gossamer literally translates into the intricate fabric woven by a certain type of spider which is so fine that it is considered a fabric rather than calling it a web.
Our collaborative collection represents the intricate designs through cotton yarn and using the age-old craft of crochet. Hence, the name Gossamer.


Everyday Tyre Treasures is working on how we can bring life to discarded tyres and find solutions to the countless number of tyres being thrown out every day.


One of the solutions is our Gossamer Table made from a discarded tyre, naturally dyed cotton rope, and mangowood. Every purchase keeps 5 to 8 kg of tyre out of landfills and brick kilns, directly preventing further landfill burden, from burning and emitting toxic chemicals in the air, and from hosting pests and leeching.



Tyre Treasures


Kupondole, Near Jwagal Chowk

(Opposite Natraj Group of Companies)

Lalitpur Nepal