For a really long time, Tyre Treasures has been researching on how we can upcycle  non-biodegradable tyre tubes which are thrown out in countless number in the city.

We have finally come up with a design that would take the classic image of a lounge chair and build it with tyre tubes, instead of synthetic material which is made from plastic. Not only does this make it eco-friendlier, but it is also very durable.

As the texture of the rubber is similar to leather, the lounge chair carries a vintage aesthetic. With the right angle of the backrest and sturdy grip of the rubber, the chair is perfect to lounge over your balcony and catch up with your favorite book (maybe with a cat on the lap).


Handcrafted Mango wood/Sallo lounge chair made with upcycled tyre tubes.

Price of the one in the picture: Rs. 15,000


Made in an order basis.