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Nepal Magazine talks about the struggles and journey of women entrepreneurs, featuring Ojaswi Baidya,Founder of Tyre Treasures.. 

The article is in Nepali language. 

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Kantipur Daily covers the story about the venture's journey. 

The article is in Nepali language. 

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The company was restricted to Kathmandu Valley until a few months ago, but it recently sold its products to customers in Pokhara and Hetaunda through Daraz, one of the biggest online shopping platforms of the country. “We will soon reach other major cities including Dharan,” she informs.

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Finding future in end-of-life tyres.

The article is in Nepali language. 

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 “We are looking to expand to the Nepali market and build a sustainable business within the country. We have indoor and outdoor furniture like; tables, mudas (seats), swings, pet beds, and we also focus on urban gardening all made of tyres”, revealed, Ms. Baidya.

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The Kathmandu Post 

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so goes the old adage, but two women—Ojaswi Baidya and Loonibha Manandhar—seem to have taken this saying to heart. They are co-founders of Tyre Treasure, a company that turns old, used tyres from cars, trucks and buses into recycled furniture.


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With struggles of finding workers and producers to people not delivering on promises, Loonibha remembered the intense work hours she had to put in juggling with her Thesis, Research program, and the company. However, she doesn’t regret the hard work. She says, “I had dreams of becoming many things from a CA to Designer to Innovator and today as an Entrepreneur I can be all. And that’s all my dreams coming true.” 


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For our furniture line we are looking for progressive restaurants, hotels  and resorts who are interested in unique and quirky furniture or are interested in positioning themselves as green organizations. 



‘रिसाइक्लिङ क्षेत्रमा थुप्रै संस्था पहिलेदेखि नै क्रियाशील छन्। हामी गैरअनुभवी, नयाँ कम्पनी खोल्न लागेका’, ओजस्वीले भनिन्, ‘हामीसँग धेरै विकल्प पनि थिएन। हामीले उद्यमका निम्ति सिड मनी लिएका थियौं। तोकिएको परिधीभित्रै व्यवसाय खोज्नु थियो, अनि त्यसमै भविष्य पनि।’



Baidhya and Manandhar spend days coming up with new designs and ideas to create new products with tyres. “We don’t want to create products just for the sake of recycling. We want to manufacture functional products that people would actually use,” admits Baidya.

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Glocal Khabar

Using old and abandoned tyres, they specialize their products to promote a cleaner community. Comprised of urban gardening and food circle their products include- Full Circle Taybul, Muda, Gamala, Sarjayanthi and Tommy’s Turf. They employ handwoven natural fibre ropes and traditional weaving techniques in their Full Circle Taybul and Muda which promotes traditional Nepali artifact’s vibes.


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From their study, they found the tyres being used as a raw material in the brick industry to make fire but this is not eco-friendly as it produces poisonous gases upon burning and if left unattended, becomes waste for environment pollution.