Gossamer Crochet Table

Gossamer Crochet Table


"Gossamer", Tyre Treasures' and @ecoartesnepal collaborative product line. Gossamer literally translates into the intricate fabric woven by a certain type of spider which is so fine that it is considered a fabric rather calling it a web.

Our collaborative collection represents the intricate designs through cotton yarn and using the age old craft of crochet. Hence, the name Gossamer.


The purpose of the collaboration is to transform discarded material into exquisite furniture pieces which would last a lifetime. Not only will this reduce the amount of waste, but it will also revive the age-old handicraft of crochet, turning it into a sustainable as well as luxury product.


    17 inch diameter, 18 inch height

    Crochet work handcrafted by the home-based local women .

    Toughened glass top.

    Mangowood legs.


    Depends on Location. Rs. 500 or above.


    Tyre Treasures will get back to you once you put forward your inquiry for the product. We make on order basis and it takes about 7- 10 days to complete the production.