Outdoor Muda

Outdoor Muda


The tyres used here are discarded, old tyres collected from auto workshops. If not used here, these either would have been collecting dusts, harboring pests on road or worse, they would have been burned as fuel at brick kilns. As they are not designed to be burned, they release toxic fumes harmful to all living organism.

From a minimalist attempt to mimic the wings of butterflies to the sturdy industrial look, our upcycled tyre seats are perfect for comfortable cup of tea, coffee, and/or some happy hour. Let our chic upcycled tyre seats bring in pinch of fun and quirkiness into your space.

We use locally sourced fabric and recycled shredded fabric, cotton, and silk for our cushion.


    Upcycled tyre

    Quality metal work

    Includes cushion made with recycled cotton and silk

    16 inch diameter, 15 inch height


    Depends on Location. Rs. 800 or above.