A line of table and muda set has the perfect marriage between handicrafts and the concept of reduce, reuse, and upcycle. Named after the two talented craftswomen Sarita and Jayanti, this is crafted with much intricate detail and care keeping the comfort of users in mind. 

The detailed work of 'Pater' is supported by the durable and sturdy (discarded) tyres. Pater is a type of water grass found abundantly in the Terai region. It is harvested by the local Tharu women and is cut and sorted in a special manner in order to preserve the material's endurance as well as its look. It is durable in its own respect and suitable for both indoors and outdoors purpose. Note: it is water resilient but not waterproof.

Our SarJayanthi brings a calming and earthy vibe to its surroundings. Its unique weaving pattern has a whimsical charm to it that is much appreciated by viewers and users alike. The table and muda can be bought separately or in set. The set will consist a table, and four muda.