Though metal and glass bottles can efficiently be recycled many times and make new products, they are usually lost in the process.. Certain types of bottles, especially the colored bottles are not recycled in Nepal and end up broken and discarded in landfills and river banks of Kathmandu


At Tyre Treasures, we strongly believe in creative reuse and fashion products that give high value and bring life to those believed to be at their end-of-life. Taking old bottles, cycle rims, tin cans, and so on, we breathe new life into them with a pinch of creativity and diligence. Our upcycled products rejuvenate your space with dazzling lights and at the same time, help you make a positive footprint in the world.


The upcycled wine bottle, Twinkle Lights is decorated with solar-powered LED cork lights. There is no need to replace batteries, as it only needs the solar power to charge the battery inside and work automatically! You can leave it charging at daytime and light it at dusk! It has a sensor which detects the brightness around it and lights up when in a dim area, saving energy.